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Russia holds nuclear-capable missile tests

Russia has tested several nuclear-capable missiles and released video of some of the launches. President Vladimir Putin took part in the military training exercise, the Kremlin said. Defence ministry video showed a Topol long-range missile, Tu-160 Blackjack bomber and Tu-95 Bear bomber. Article source:

Chimpanzees among 33 species selected for special protection

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Species like chimpanzees are seeing large reductions in numbers A UN-backed wildlife conference held in the Philippines has voted for additional protections for a list of 33 endangered species including chimpanzees, leopards and giraffes. Whale sharks, the world’s largest fish, were also included on the list. The six-day long

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A pint of view: What do farmers think about Brexit?

What do the farmers out in the field, in the dairy and in the milking parlour think about Brexit? No-one knows what’s around the corner for the dairy industry. Specific negotiations over a future trade deal haven’t even started. Some experts predict oblivion; others see opportunity. So let’s start with what we do know: the

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