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New orangutan species discovered in Indonesia

Scientists have discovered a new species of orangutan in the remote jungles of Sumatra in Indonesia. The researchers say the Tapanuli orangutan has distinct genetic, skeletal and tooth differences to the two other known species of orangutans, Sumatran and Bornean. Article source:

Climate change: US report at odds with some in Trump team

Image copyright AFP Image caption Rising sea levels linked to climate change threaten coastal areas like the Marshall Islands The White House has sought to downplay a major climate change report, which was compiled by 13 US federal agencies. The study is at odds with assertions from President Donald Trump and several members of his

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A last refuge for Europe’s blighted killer whales

Image caption The orcas come to the fjords around Kvaløya to feast on herring Europe’s killer whales wowed in the BBC’s Blue Planet II series but these animals face extinction. Chris Gibson travelled to the small Norwegian island of Kvaløya where the orcas retain a strong foothold. But for how much longer? It was one

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