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A new era

Image copyright Science Photo Library Image caption Discovering the structure of DNA was a “big moment” in science In an essay for the BBC, Nobel Prize-winner and Royal Society President Sir Venki Ramakrishnan contemplates the nature of scientific discovery – how it has transformed our worldview in a short space of time, and why we

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Climate talks open amid anger over Trump’s coal support

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Representatives of US coal companies are due to present at this year’s climate talks The latest round of UN led climate talks have opened in Bonn with delegates from almost 200 countries in attendance. Over the next two weeks, negotiators hope to clarify the rulebook of the Paris climate

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2017 ‘very likely’ in top three warmest years on record

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Globally, temperatures in 2017 look set to be the third highest on record The year 2017 is “very likely” to be in the top three warmest years on record, according to provisional figures from the World Meteorological Organization. The WMO says it will likely be the hottest year in

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