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The dog that orbited the Earth

The first living creature to orbit the Earth was a stray dog from the Soviet Union called Laika. She was sent into space in November 1957. Prof Viktor Yazdovsky played with Laika as a child when his father brought her home from the Soviet space headquarters before her mission. Witness: The stories of our times

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Paris climate accord: Syria to sign up, isolating US

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Syria’s decision was reported at the Bonn climate conference The US is set to become isolated in its stance on the Paris climate agreement, after Syria said it was preparing to join the deal. The Paris deal unites the world’s nations in tackling climate change. Syria and Nicaragua were

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Sheep ‘can recognise human faces’

Image copyright SPL Image caption Ewe look familiar: sheep have a human-like ability to recognise faces Sheep have demonstrated the ability to recognise familiar human faces, according to a study. Cambridge University researchers were able to train sheep to identify the faces of actors Jake Gyllenhaal and Emma Watson, former US President Barack Obama and

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