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Hurricane Maria devastation prompts Ocean XPRIZE rethink

Image copyright XPRIZE September’s Hurricane Maria has disrupted a major competition to find innovative ways to map the seafloor. The Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE was due to hold a demonstration of new robotic systems off Puerto Rico. But September’s huge Atlantic storm caused extensive damage to the US territory’s infrastructure, forcing the organisers to rethink

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Extinct wolf-sized otter had powerful bite

Image copyright Maurico Anton Image caption The otter lived in a swamp surrounded by evergreen forest A giant otter that roamed southwestern China six million years ago had a surprisingly strong bite and could have been a top predator, say scientists. Studies of the animal’s fossilised skull reveal that it had the chewing ability of

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Trump emissions threat to US car industry

Image copyright Getty Images The US car industry will be wrecked if President Trump relaxes emissions standards, California’s governor says. Jerry Brown said China would dominate car manufacture because it was heavily promoting the electric vehicles that would dominate the future. He said huge investment was needed on electric vehicles, along with federal rules to

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