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EU split over use of major weedkiller glyphosate

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Crop-spraying in Germany: Many European farmers use glyphosate An EU vote has failed to resolve a controversy over the use of glyphosate, the world’s biggest-selling weedkiller. One UN study called the chemical “probably carcinogenic”, but other scientists said it was safe to use. The current glyphosate licence runs out

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UK ‘will support’ neonicotinoid pesticide ban

Image copyright AFP An extended ban on controversial neonicotinoid pesticides will be supported by the UK, Environment Secretary Michael Gove says. The UK has previously resisted tighter restrictions on the pesticides, saying there was insufficient evidence. Mr Gove says that’s no longer the case. Environmentalists have long said neonicotinoids are harming pollinators. But the UK

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Venus and Jupiter conjunction: Sky-watchers await dawn display

Image caption Venus seen crossing the sun. Jupiter and Venus will be visible to the naked eye close together in the sky before dawn on Monday. The planets will appear in conjunction in the south-east, just above the horizon, and may appear to look like one bright star. In the UK, the best viewing time

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