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Fishing ‘best argument for seagrass conservation’

Image copyright Chris Smart Image caption An indigenous child fisher in Indonesia collecting urchins and porcupine fish in seagrass The importance of seagrasses is further emphasised in a new report that looks at how they underpin fishing worldwide. These flowering plants, which grow in near-shore waters, are under intense pressure – some estimates suggest global

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Trump puts elephant trophy imports on hold

Image copyright SPL Image caption The US Fish and Wildlife Service argues hunting “will enhance the survival of the African elephant” President Donald Trump has suspended the import of elephant hunting trophies, only a day after a ban was relaxed by his administration. Imports of trophies from elephants legally hunted in Zambia and Zimbabwe had

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Small steps forward as UN climate talks end in Bonn

Image copyright Malcolm Senior Image caption This climate conference, presided over by Fiji, has achieved progress on technical issues UN climate talks in Bonn have concluded with progress on technical issues, but with bigger questions about cutting carbon unresolved. Delegates say they are pleased that the rulebook for the Paris climate agreement is finally coming

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