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Floods: How can you save your life when disaster strikes?

Floods have been a deadly staple of 2017, causing damage across the world. We asked three experts about how to prevent deaths from flooding, and stay safe should disaster strike near you. Animation by Jilla Dastmalchi Based on BBC’s The Inquiry – a weekly programme that gets beyond the headlines Article source:

Albatrosses hit by fishing and climate

Image copyright BAS Image caption There are about 700 breeding pairs of wandering albatrosses on Bird Island The spectacular wandering albatrosses in Sunday’s Blue Planet programme on the BBC have suffered a major decline in numbers over the past three decades. New research suggests breeding pairs of this species are now little more than half

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Bizarre shape of interstellar asteroid

Image copyright ESO/M. Kornmesser Image caption Artwork: ‘Oumuamua is now fading from the view of telescopes An asteroid that visited us from interstellar space is one of the most elongated cosmic objects known to science, a study has shown. Discovered on 19 October, the object’s speed and trajectory strongly suggested it originated in a planetary

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