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UK judges to get scientific guides

Image copyright Crews A UK Supreme Court judge has launched the first of a series of scientific guides for the judiciary. Lord Hughes has overseen a project to help the judiciary deal with scientific evidence in the courtroom. The first primers cover DNA fingerprinting and computer techniques to identify suspects from the manner of their

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How dinosaur scales became bird feathers

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Birds and alligators are closely related, both belonging to the Archosaur group The genes that caused scales to become feathers in the early ancestors of birds have been found by US scientists. By expressing these genes in embryo alligator skin, the researchers caused the reptiles’ scales to change in

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Seeds hold hidden treasures for future food

Image copyright Wolfgang Stuppy Image caption Seed vault at the Millennium Seed Bank More than 70,000 of the world’s most precious seeds have been sent from the UK’s Millennium Seed Bank to the Middle East, in its largest export to date. The consignment contains more than 50 wild relatives of cultivated crops, such as wheat,

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