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Light pollution: Night being lost in many countries

Media captionHow we are losing the night A study of pictures of Earth by night has revealed that artificial light is growing brighter and more extensive every year. Between 2012 and 2016, the planet’s artificially lit outdoor area grew by more than 2% per year. Scientists say a “loss of night” in many countries is

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EU ban on bird imports sees ‘massive’ cuts in global trade

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Ring necked parakeets have become well established in the UK and elsewhere in Europe A new study says that an EU ban on the trade in wild birds has helped reduce the global business by 90%. Prior to the 2005 regulation that limited the market, European countries were the

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Deep fat fryers may help form cooling clouds

Media captionThe University of Reading say molecules from burning fat could counteract global warming. Fatty acids released into the air from cooking may contribute to the formation of clouds that cool the climate, say scientists. Fatty acid molecules comprise about 10% of fine particulates over London, and such particles help seed clouds. But researchers dismiss

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