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Julius Caesar’s Britain invasion site ‘found by archaeologists’

Image copyright University of Leicester Image caption Archaeologists from the University of Leicester believe the ditch was part of a large fort in Kent Archaeologists believe they may have uncovered the first evidence of Julius Caesar’s invasion of Britain in 54BC. The discovery of a defensive ditch and weapons led them to identify Pegwell Bay

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River departed ‘before Indus civilisation emergence’

Image copyright A.Singh Image caption Drilling sediments in the Ghaggar-Hakra palaeo-channel Further light has been shed on the emergence and demise of one of the earliest urban civilisations. The Indus society came to prominence in what is now northwest India and Pakistan some 5,300 years ago thanks in large part to the sustenance of a

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Trophy hunting removes ‘good genes’ and raises extinction risk

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Cecil the lion, killed in 2015, was a major attraction at a national park in Zimbabwe. His black-fringed mane was an identifying characteristic Hunting animals that stand out from the crowd because of their impressive horns or lustrous manes could lead to extinction, according to a study. Research predicts

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