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‘Unnatural’ microbe can make proteins

Image caption The bacteria were made to express a fluorescent protein to confirm that the unnatural code had been incorporated An altered microbe with an “unnatural” genetic code has been shown to assemble proteins – a key step towards designing new drugs and materials. Scientists modified the bacterium’s DNA to incorporate six “letters” rather than

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Hidden history of prehistoric women’s work revealed

Image caption A 3D model created using a scan of an upper arm (humerus) bone from a prehistoric woman farmer Grinding grain for hours a day gave prehistoric women stronger arms than today’s elite female rowers, a study suggests. The discovery points to a ”hidden history” of gruelling manual labour performed by women over millennia,

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Huge weather rescue project under way

Image copyright MET OFFICE It is shaping up to be a mammoth citizen science project. Volunteers are wanted to digitise early 20th Century weather records covering the UK and other parts of Europe. The temperature, pressure, rainfall and wind observations are in handwritten tables and need to be converted to a form that computers can

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