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Scientists warn Lake Victoria is dying

Scientists are warning that Lake Victoria, Africa’s largest freshwater lake, is under threat of dying. They blame over-fishing and pollution for severely damaged fish stocks. This Ugandan fisherman tells BBC World News Komla Dumor Award winner Amina Yuguda that his catch has declined in recent years. Article source:

Drug-driving cases dropped over forensics

Image copyright Getty Creative Image caption Most of the 10,000 cases that could be affected involved traffic offences Around 50 drug-driving prosecutions have been dropped because original test results may have been “manipulated”. More than 10,000 cases, including violent crime, may have been affected, police chiefs said. They probed Randox Testing Services in Manchester after

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Russia denies nuclear accident after radioactive traces found

Russia says a nuclear accident has not occurred on its territory despite “extremely high” traces of a radioactive isotope being found. Russia’s weather service acknowledged it had measured pollution of ruthenium-106 at 1,000 times normal levels in the Ural mountains. It said there was no health risk. The announcement appeared to confirm a report by

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Bialowieza forest: EU threatens Poland with fine over logging

Media captionBiałowieża is home to European bison, wolves, lynx and elks, among other rare species Europe’s top court has given Poland 15 days to prove it has complied with a court order to stop logging in Europe’s oldest forest or face fines of €100,000 ($118,000; £89,000) a day. The European Court of Justice said it

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Research money central to Budget

Image copyright PA Image caption Mr Hammond was given a tour of the Crick Institute in London in October The Chancellor Philip Hammond has made investment in research the centrepiece of his budget. Mr Hammond said extra money for research announced last year would continue and be gradually increased. He also said that the government’s

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High-energy ‘ghost particles’ absorbed by Earth

Image copyright Jamie Yang / IceCube Image caption Artwork: IceCube consists of an array of sensors embedded in very clear ice near the South Pole Neutrinos are known as “ghost particles”, because they are known to travel through solid objects with ease. But a new study demonstrates that some of these sub-atomic particles are stopped

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Plague reached Europe by Stone Age

Image copyright Stadtarchäologie Ausgburg Image caption Plague may already have been capable of causing epidemics in the Stone Age Plague was present in Europe during the late Stone Age, according to a study of ancient remains. Writing in Current Biology journal, researchers suggest the deadly bacterium entered Europe with a mass migration of people from

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Flies more germ-laden than suspected

Image copyright Ana Junqueira and Stephan Schuster Image caption Bristles on a fly’s body attract bacteria Scientists have discovered that flies carry more diseases than suspected. The house fly and the blowfly together harbour more than 600 different bacteria, according to a DNA analysis. Many are linked with human infections, including stomach bugs, blood poisoning

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Avatar therapy ‘reduces power of schizophrenia voices’

Media captionHow avatar therapy is helping people stand up to schizophrenic voices by giving them a face Confronting an avatar on a computer screen helped patients hearing voices to cope better with hallucinations, a UK trial has found. Patients who received this therapy became less distressed and heard voices less often compared with those who

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Dolly the sheep health fears ‘unfounded’

Image copyright SPL Image caption Dolly the Sheep on display in Edinburgh’s Royal Museum Concerns that Dolly the cloned sheep suffered from early-onset arthritis were unfounded, a study suggests. In fact, wear-and-tear in her joints was similar to that of other sheep of her age, regardless of how they were conceived, say researchers. Dolly, the

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