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Gravity signals rapidly show true size of giant quakes

Image copyright Reuters Image caption The 2011 Tohoku earthquake was initially estimated to be 7.9 magnitude Researchers have developed a new approach to estimate the true size of very large earthquakes. At present, scientists use seismic waves from a rupture to work out the scale of the event. But a new analysis of the Tohoku

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The other Dodo: Extinct bird that used its wings as clubs

Image copyright Julian Hume Image caption Two male Rodrigues solitaires fight over a female in the background using club-like wings The extinct Dodo had a little-known relative on another island. This fascinating bird ultimately suffered the same fate as its iconic cousin, but we can reconstruct some of its biology thanks to the writings of

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Chief vet defends support of larger hen cages

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Battery cages for chickens were banned in the EU in 2012 Some cages for hens provide a “necessary defence” against bird flu, the government’s chief vet has said. In a tweet, Nigel Gibbens said the larger pens, which replaced so-called battery cages in 2012, have welfare benefits and offer

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