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Food waste: Clearer label plan in bid to cut

Image copyright Getty Images A new attempt is being made to improve labelling to prevent edible food going to waste. The waste agency Wrap says food labels use too many different terms, prompting people to throw away usable produce. Milk labels, for instance, typically say milk keeps three days in the fridge after opening –

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RemoveDebris: Space junk mission prepares for launch

Media captionA spacecraft will test clean-up technologies after it launches next year A mission that will test different methods to clean up space junk is getting ready for launch. The RemoveDebris spacecraft will attempt to snare a small satellite with a net and test whether a harpoon is an effective garbage grabber. The probe has

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Unesco adds Sir Isaac Newton’s papers to world register

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The papers of mathematician and physicist Isaac Newton (1643 – 1727) have been added to a global database Details of Sir Isaac Newton’s spending on stockings and shoelaces are among the scientist’s papers which have been added to a global database of historically important documents. The Cambridge University collection

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