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How UK’s birds are being affected by a changing climate

Image copyright RSPB Image caption Migrating swallows cover 200 miles a day Migratory birds are arriving in the UK earlier each spring and leaving later each autumn, a report has confirmed. Some visitors are now appearing more than 20 days earlier than they did in the 1960s, according to the state of the UK’s birds

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IUCN Red List: Wild crops listed as threatened

Image copyright The Crop Trust Image caption Wild wheat can be bred with modern crops to boost resilience Wild relatives of modern crops deemed crucial for food security are being pushed to the brink of extinction, according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature. More than 20 rice, wheat and yam plants have been

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UN commits to stop ocean plastic waste

Image copyright Getty Images Nations have agreed that the world needs to completely stop plastic waste from entering the oceans. The UN resolution, which is set to be sealed tomorrow, has no timetable and is not legally binding. But ministers at an environment summit in Kenya believe it will set the course for much tougher

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