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Sea reptile fossil gives clues to life in ancient oceans

Image copyright Yasuhisa Nakajima Image caption Paleontologists Tanja Wintrich and Martin Sander examine the fossil A new fossil is shedding light on the murky past of the sea reptiles that swam at the time of the dinosaurs. With tiny heads on long necks and four pointed flippers, plesiosaurs have been likened to Scotland’s mythical Loch

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Hurricane Harvey rainfall ‘weighed 127bn tonnes’

Media captionRoads turned to rivers across Houston as Harvey hit Scientists have weighed the water that fell on Texas during the record-breaking Hurricane Harvey in August. They calculate, by measuring how much the Earth was compressed, that the Category 4 storm dropped 127 billion tonnes, or 34 trillion US gallons. “One person asked me how

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How Greenland would look without its ice sheet

Media captionThe map reveals a hidden world of mountains and canyons Scientists have produced a stunning visualisation of Greenland – without its ice cover. It is made from decades of survey data that show the position and shape of the territory’s bedrock, and the surrounding seafloor. This is critical information needed to understand how the

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