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Reindeer hunted by wolverines get safety app

Image copyright Actility Image caption Reindeer herding is big business in Lapland Reindeer, who fall prey to wolverines, wolves and lynx, are being fitted with sensors to protect them. It makes it easier for herders to track the animals across the remote Lapland forests where they roam. Sensors around the necks of the female reindeer

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‘Milestone’ reached in fighting deadly wheat disease

Image copyright Robert Park Image caption Stem rust infecting wheat in a field Scientists say they have made a step forward in the fight against a wheat disease that threatens food security. Wheat is a staple food crop, making up a fifth of the calories on our plates. But in many parts of the world,

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Higher temperatures linked to EU asylum figures

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption High temperatures that have impacted maize production have been linked to increases in numbers of EU asylum seekers Sharp increases in the numbers of those seeking asylum in the European Union have been linked to higher temperatures in agricultural regions of the world. Researchers found that when temperatures deviated

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