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Plastic planet

Image copyright Getty Images Marine life is facing “irreparable damage” from the millions of tonnes of plastic waste which ends up in the oceans each year, the United Nations has warned. “This is a planetary crisis… we are ruining the ecosystem of the ocean,” UN oceans chief Lisa Svensson told the BBC this week. But

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Failed satellite programmed with ‘wrong co-ordinates’

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The rocket carrying the satellite and other equipment launched from Vostochny cosmodrome The loss of a multi-million pound weather mapping satellite was due to programming errors, the Russian deputy prime minister has said. Dmitry Rogozin said Meteor-M had been programmed for take-off from a different space station. Speaking to

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UK enjoyed ‘greenest year for electricity ever’ in 2017

Image copyright PA Image caption Wind farms helped the UK experience its first coal-free day since the Industrial Revolution The UK has achieved its greenest year ever in terms of how the nation’s electricity is generated, National Grid figures reveal. The rise of renewable energy helped break 13 clean energy records in 2017. In June,

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