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The other Dodo

Image copyright Julian Hume Image caption Two male Rodrigues solitaires fight over a female in the background using club-like wings The extinct Dodo had a little-known relative on another island. This fascinating bird ultimately suffered the same fate as its iconic cousin, but we can reconstruct some of its biology thanks to the writings of

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World first for dog’s broken leg

Researchers in Scotland have saved the leg of a dog using a new technique to grow bones in the laboratory. Eva the dog would have had her entire leg amputated were it not for a novel method of creating bone. Now the team plans to try it on human patients. Article source:

Gardens under threat from ‘game changing’ plant disease

Image copyright EPPO Image caption The pest has infected thousands of hectares of olive plantations in Italy A pest that can infect plants from lavender to cherry trees is of real and growing concern in the UK, say experts. Outbreaks of Xylella fastidiosa have caused widespread problems in Europe, wiping out entire olive groves. The

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