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Puppy dog eyes influence dog choice

Why do we choose one dog over another? Prof Bridget Waller, an evolutionary psychologist from the University of Portsmouth, UK, found one factor influences our decision more than all others – how often a dog raises its eyebrows. Find out more with CrowdScience on BBC World Service: Why does my dog love me? Article source:

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El Nino’s long reach to Antarctic ice

Image copyright NASA Image caption The Getz Ice Shelf in West Antarctica feels the linkage strongly Antarctica may be thousands of kilometres from the central Pacific but events there can have a significant effect on the White Continent’s ice. Scientists have shown how ice shelves – the floating fronts of marine-terminating glaciers – respond to

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Most expensive year on record for US natural disasters

Image copyright Karl Spencer Image caption Hurricane Harvey caused damage estimated at around $125bn in Texas last year The US experienced a record year of losses from fires, hurricanes and other weather related disasters in 2017, according to the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (Noaa). Total losses amounted to $306bn the agency said, over

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