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Flying telescope yields insights into birth of stars

Image copyright NASA/F. Pereira Santos Image caption The team was able to map differences in the polarization of dust grains within the central portion of the cloud A Nasa telescope housed on a converted jumbo jet has yielded important insights into how stars are born from collapsing gas and dust. Measurements by the Sofia observatory

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Pollution hotspots revealed: Check your area

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Cyclists wear masks against pollution in London Marylebone Road and Hyde Park Corner, both in central London, have the most polluted postcodes in Britain, says a new study on air quality. The data comes from a project to map concentrations of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) across the country. However, the

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Light shed on mystery space radio pulses

Image copyright DR SETH SHOSTAK/SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY Image caption The analysis used data from the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico Astronomers have shed more light on a mysterious source of recurring radio pulses from space. Fast radio bursts are one of the most persistent puzzles in astronomy; while usually short-lived, one source in the sky

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