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Huge black hole blasts out ‘double burp’

Image copyright NASA/Stsci/CXC Image caption Arrows point to the the two burps of gas coming from the black hole; the top arrow points to the newer burp and the bottom arrow points to the older one Astronomers have caught a massive black hole letting out a “double burp” after bingeing on hot gas. When cosmic

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Citizen science bags five-planet haul

Image copyright NASA Image caption Artwork: The findings could shed light on the process by which planets form and then migrate within their systems A discovery by citizen scientists has led to the confirmation of a system of five planets orbiting a far-off star. Furthermore, the planets’ orbits are linked in a mathematical relationship called

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UK satellite to make movies from space

Image copyright EARTH-i Image caption Artwork: Manufacturer SSTL calls it Carbonite-2, but Earth-i refers to the satellite as VividX2 A British satellite has gone into orbit on an Indian rocket to acquire full-colour, high-definition video of the surface of the Earth. The demonstrator is expected to pave the way for a series of at least

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