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Paris, London

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption There have been concerns from UK universities about losing access to European research projects A leading UK university has launched a close partnership with a top French research agency, in a relationship that could continue to provide UK academics with access to European research funding after Brexit. Imperial College

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Cloned Newmarket dachshund expecting puppies

A dachshund created through cloning is now expecting naturally-conceived puppies. Minnie Winnie was cloned after her owner Rebecca Bourne, from Wickhambrook, near Newmarket, entered her dog Winnie into £60,000 South Korean cloning competition. The RSPCA said cloning came with dangers to the animal. Article source:

Wallaby gives police slip on Sydney Bridge

The unusual sight of a wallaby bounding across the Sydney Harbour Bridge has surprised early-morning motorists. Police said the 13kg (29lb) swamp wallaby, also known as the black wallaby, may have come from a golf course about 3km (1.8 miles) from the bridge. Article source:

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