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Are diesel cars always the most harmful?

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Modern diesel engines are equipped with filters to reduce particulate emissions Sales of diesel-powered cars fell dramatically last year, declining more than 17% compared with 2016. People within the industry blame anti-diesel rhetoric from the government, local authorities and clean air campaigners for eroding consumer confidence. They insist that

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Why you can’t judge a zebra by its stripes

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Plains zebra live in family groups of a stallion with mares and their young offspring You can’t judge a zebra by its stripes. That’s the finding of research that is shaking up the family tree of the African wild horse. The common (plains) zebra lives on the grasslands of

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New Caledonian crows show how technology evolves

Media captionThe crows select specific plant material to craft their hooks Tool-making crows have allowed us to see the first foundations of a technological breakthrough. New Caledonian crows spontaneously make hooks out of plant material, using them to “fish” for grubs and spiders. Experiments have now revealed that these hooked tools are 10 times faster

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