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Falcon Heavy: Big SpaceX rocket lights 27 engines

Image copyright SPACEX Image caption A big exhaust plume rises over the Kennedy launch pad America’s SpaceX company has conducted a key test ahead of the maiden flight of its new rocket – the Falcon Heavy. In what is known as a static firing, all 27 engines on the launcher’s first stage were ignited together

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How to escape from a lion or cheetah

Image copyright A Wilson, RVC Image caption The cheetah prefers to live in open grasslands or savannahs The antelope can never out-run the cheetah, but it can survive the chase if it twists and turns sharply at the last minute. That’s the finding of a study that tracks the dance of death between the fastest

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First monkey clones created in Chinese laboratory

Media captionThe animals may be useful for studying cancers and immune disorders. Two monkeys have been cloned using the technique that produced Dolly the sheep. Identical long-tailed macaques Zhong Zhong and Hua Hua were born several weeks ago at a laboratory in China. Scientists say populations of monkeys that are genetically identical will be useful

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