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‘Disco ball’ put into space from NZ

Image copyright Rocket Lab Image caption Peter Beck says he wanted to create a “shared experience” A highly reflective sphere has been placed in orbit by a New Zealand-launched rocket. Akin to a giant “disco ball”, the object should be visible to the naked eye as it sweeps across a twilight sky. It was lofted

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Ariane rocket suffers rare launch anomaly

Image copyright Arianespace Image caption Everything looked fine as the rocket climbed away from the Kourou spaceport in French Guiana Europe’s normally highly dependable rocket, the Ariane 5, experienced an anomaly during its latest launch. Telemetry from the vehicle was lost about nine minutes into its flight from French Guiana, shortly after its upper-stage began

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A third of coral reefs ‘entangled with plastic’

Image copyright Kathryn Berry Image caption Plastic bottle wedged in the coral reef Plastic is one of the biggest threats to the future of coral reefs after ocean warming, say scientists. More than 11 billion items of plastic were found on a third of coral reefs surveyed in the Asia-Pacific region. This figure is predicted

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