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Genetic secret of English salmon

Image copyright Sam Billington, Environment Agency Image caption Chalk-stream salmon look the same as other salmon but their genes tell a different story The salmon from the chalk streams of southern England appear to be genetically distinct from others. Evidence published in the Journal of Fish Biology suggests they may be a separate sub-species of

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Lobsters and crabs should not be boiled alive, say campaigners

Image copyright Getty Images More than 50 high-profile campaigners and celebrities have called for stronger protection to prevent lobsters and crabs being cooked alive. They have signed a letter urging Environment Secretary Michael Gove to categorise the crustaceans as sentient organisms in a new Animal Welfare Bill. The organisers point to mounting scientific evidence that

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Polar bears ‘running out of food’

Media captionWatch: Collar cams reveal polar bear’s-eye view High-tech collar tracking collars on nine female polar bears have measured the animals’ efforts to find food on the diminishing Arctic ice. The collars recorded video, locations and activity levels over 11 days, while metabolic tracers allowed scientists to work out how much energy bears used. This

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