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Plastic waste ‘building up’ in Arctic

Image copyright Geir Wing Gabrielsen Image caption Plastic waste has been found everywhere that researchers have looked for it Plastic waste is building up in the supposedly pristine wilderness of the Norwegian Arctic, scientists say. Researchers are particularly concerned about huge concentrations of microplastic fragments in sea ice. They say they’ve found plastic litter almost

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DNA story of when life first gave us lemons

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Oranges are the result of thousands of years of human selection All citrus fruits can trace their roots to the southeast foothills of the Himalayas, according to DNA evidence. The first citrus trees appeared about eight million years ago, before spreading around the world, say international scientists. The trees

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Secrets of solar flares are unlocked

Image copyright NASA Image caption Magnetic flux ropes (shown right) are at the heart of eruptions from the Sun Scientists may finally understand the mechanism behind solar flares. Flares can occur on their own, or be accompanied by powerful eruptions of plasma (charged gas) from the Sun. If charged particles from these eruptions reach Earth,

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